Tools and Utilities

Respond to Alerts via E-mail in MOM 2005

01/17/2007 – David Wallis of the U.K ( has written an application, called the MOM Email Service, that allows MOM administrators to acknowledge and resolve alerts via email. See the new OpsMgr 2007 version by clicking HERE.

Resolve Alerts by Rulename

Free utility for closing many alerts based off of a rule name. This is a compiled version of the source code available at, with documentation and batch automation for resolving multiple alerts.

MRASRptCln Utility (MOM 2005)

Tool by Clive Eastwood that removes old previously generated Availability Management Pack Reports from the Reports combo box in the Report UI.

Override Explorer Tool beta

This GUI tool allows administrators to browse overrides present in an Operations Manager 2007 or SCE 2007 installation through a nice navigation tree.