Tools and Utilities

System Center Content Search Gadget

This gadget makes it easier to find help for Microsoft System Center products because it uses Live Search macros to search specific sites instead of the entire web

Subscription Tool

Subscription Tool is a simple GUI based tool that lets you enable and disable all notification subscriptions. The tool will automatically re-enable all subscriptions using “Send notifications for alerts Generated after the subscription is enabled”.

SNMP Device Simulator

Allows you create multiple “virtual” network devices to test SNMP device monitoring in OpsMgr and Essentials 2007.

SDK Connector Tool

Allows you to manage Product Connectors in your Operations Manager 2007 environment through a simple graphical user interface.

Restart Monitoring Tool

GUI tool that facilitates bulk reset health monitors and restart monitoring on demand for a group of monitored objects. Perfect for situations where you need to reset many health monitors at once


Configure and view agent proxy settings from the command line.