VDI Script Pack for VMM 2008 R2

With this pack, you can generate a VDI Pool Client with only one click….you need to insert the number of client that you want create. The pack contains also the script to create the VM Template, the Guest OS and the Hardware Profile.

Using a script to automatically reset monitor state when alert is closed

A powershell script that can help you reduce “monitoring noise” created by the “manual reset” monitors. The script is intended to be used as an alert notification command. The notification channel should be configured to pass alert ID as an argument to the script and corresponding notification subscription must include _closed_ alerts of warning and error severity. Once the script […]

Windows 2008 Server Core Command Line Reference

This document contains a conveniently formatted source of command line syntax for Windows Server 2008 Core, and includes both RTM and R2 commands. It started out as a convenient source for my own reference, but after sharing with a few colleagues, they suggested I share.In any event, it makes for a handy offline reference if […]

VMM2008 – P2V Script

This script helps to convert your physical client/server into a Virtual Server. All settings, of the client configuration, are into the script.

Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar

by Tore Lervik (, The gadget can list multiple servers at once and also support vmconnect when double clicking on a VM. The gadget uses WMI to connect to the server so the user might need to follow John Howard’s guide remote WMI access (Step 5) on both the client and the Hyper-V server. Click […]

Starwind FREE iSCSI Target Software (with clustering support)

StarWind Free is an iSCSI Target that converts any Windows server into a SAN in less than 10 minutes. This is the same software Pete blogged about some time ago, except now the free version is cluster-capable. Large 2 TB storage capacity Unlimited number of connections Virtualization environment support for VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Virtual Iron Enhances VMware […]

VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool

by Matthijs ten Seldam, VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool, VMC2HV for short, imports the configuration from a Virtual Machine Configuration (VMC) file. Both Virtual PC and Virtual Server use VMC files to store the hardware and other properties of a VM. It reads the VMC file and maps all relevant properties to those for a Hyper-V VM. […]

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