DPM 2007 Daily Maintenance Script

By Jeff Graves (OrcsWeb), This powershell script will query the DPM 2007 database for alerts and addresses the four most common. Replica disk and Recovery Point Volume threshold exceeded, Replica is inconsistent, and Recovery Point creation failed. The script takes 4 optional parameters:   replicaIncreaseRatio - Percentage of existing replica disk size to increase (ie. 1.1 increases by […]

Process Monitoring Sample for 2-State Monitoring Tutorial

This is the sample Process Monitoring script referenced in the “HOW-TO Create a 2-State Script Monitor” tutorial for OpsMgr and Essentials 2007. Use as a learning tool only, not for production environments. How to create a 2-State Script Monitor in OpsMgr 2007 Tutorial is available for download at  

Put any object type in maintenance mode in OpsMgr using Powershell

In OpsMgr, sometimes you may not wish to put the whole computer into maintenance mode. Instead you may wish to put just a number of databases or websites into maintenance mode. This script by Boris Yanushpolsky provides means to put any object into maintenance mode, regardless of class. Click the link at right to visit […]

Set Primary and Failover Mgmt Server Powershell Script for OpsMgr 2007

This sample script illustrates how to retrieve a list of agents based on a common search element, and then loop through these agents, updating the settings on each. Update setting as instructed in comments, then save with a .ps1 file. The script can be run on any computer with the Operations Console / Command Shell interfaces loaded. Originally published in this blog post…just […]

DPM 2007 Exchange Recovery Point Export Script

This Powershell script will Restore the latest recovery point for all Exchange storage groups within specified protection group to a network folder. This script is intended to run as a scheduled task to dump these recovery points to disk. This allows another backup system to back the data up to tape. This script exports recovery […]