DPM 2007 Exchange Recovery Point Export Script

This Powershell script will Restore the latest recovery point for all Exchange storage groups within specified protection group to a network folder. This script is intended to run as a scheduled task to dump these recovery points to disk. This allows another backup system to back the data up to tape. This script exports recovery […]

SQL Recovery Point Restore Script for SCDPM

This Powershell script for System Center Data Protection Manager script will Restore the latest recovery point for all SQL databases within specified protection group to a network folder. Please test thoroughly before use in a production environment. Rename with a .ps1 extension  

Resolve Alerts older than x hours for Specific Rule / Specific Severity

I did something similar to this http://www.systemcentercentral.com/Downloads/DownloadsDetails/tabid/144/IndexID/19968/Default.aspx yesterday but targeting a specific rule called “LMS Alert” and closing all alerts that aren’t Closed/255 and are older than 6 hours. The script which is a build on from another chaps work (http://powershell.com/cs/media/p/2639.aspx), allows for filtering based on severity but it is hashed out in this example […]

Resolve Alerts Older Than X Days in SCOM 2007

Resolves rule-generated alerts in SCOM 2007 older than X days old. Powershell script that resolves all alerts more than X days old in Operations Manager 2007. Includes connection string to RMS so the script can be run as a scheduled task to keep old alerts cleared out. Run with no arguments to echo syntax.

Missing Updates Powershell Script for Essentials 2007

 Over the past six months, many within the System Center Essentials community provided feedback on the inability of SCE to show which updates and software are needed by managed systems.  Workarounds exist today for Microsoft Update content, but when it comes to locally-published content, or driver content obtained from a partner catalog the question remains […]

Agent Bulk Update Script

A Powershell script that will enable the ‘Act as a Proxy’ functionality on a group of agents. This is useful when an MP requires a large number of agents to have this functionality enabled. It could also be scheduled to run on a recurring basis using Windows Task Scheduler.