Flexible Disk Monitor MP

A flexible way of monitoring disk space availability for Windows Server 2008 and 2012 R2 versions. Simply add the text file to the logical drive root for the monitor instance (Server > Drive)and choose warning and critical alert levels.  The powershell script supports cookdowns and other features to allow further refinements. Please refer to the […]

Presentation and PowerShell Template (TechEd 2014 Day 5)

The attached zip file contains a pdf copy of the PowerPoint presentation and PowerShell script template for System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator shared by Pete Zerger at TechEd 2014 Day 5 hosted by the Houston Area Systems Management User Group in Houston, TX.


Converts the HEX values in the SNMP Walk output file from the SCOM 2012 task to a human-readable format.  It also converts the HEX values to IP Address values for each IPAddress OID type. Takes a single input parameter of a text file.  This is from the SNMP Walk task in SCOM 2012.  It will […]

Bulk disable ACS Forwarders (with wildcards)

High Level Instructions. Download and unpack. Run the script in a Poweshell console. Provide RMS FQDN and wildcardsearch for the ACS Forwarders you would like to disable. Grab a Coffee Full description of the script and it’s usage is found in the original blog-post: http://www.teknoglot.se/ms/opsmgr2007/bulk-disable-acs-forwarders-with-wildcards/ First upload to SCC, please excuse any mistakes made. edit: […]