Operations Manager Downloads

Searching through Notification Subscription Criteria

While working for a company who uses a LOT of subscriptions, I was asked from time to time what alerts are they receiving or what rule was the source of the alert, or etc.  The alert subscription ID was not always available.  So I came up with a Powershell script to create an HTML page […]

Free SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Tool V 1.0

By Stefan Roth, this free GUI utility brings scheduled maintenance mode capabilities to System Center 2012 Operations Manager at no charge! Click the Download link to download from the source.

MP Authoring Zen (whitepaper)

4 years after it was written and 5,000 downloads later, this whitepaper still provides key management pack authoring concepts in plain English new MP authors will appreciate. Provides clear explanation of MP elements like classes and relationships, guidance on how to model your applications to develop Service and Health Models for your MP and even […]


Converts the HEX values in the SNMP Walk output file from the SCOM 2012 task to a human-readable format.  It also converts the HEX values to IP Address values for each IPAddress OID type. Takes a single input parameter of a text file.  This is from the SNMP Walk task in SCOM 2012.  It will […]

CSV Free Space SQL Query

CSV Free Space Query, execute this script against your OpsMgrDB (Operational) to return results for Cluster Shared Volumes Free Space. Very useful if you want to create a report for CSV Free Space similar to the Disk Free Space Report. Below is a screenshot of the information displayed when using the query to create a […]