Essentials (SCE)

Automate OpsMgr 2007 Maintenance Mode after Windows Update

 Here’s another great community solution for automated maintenance mode. In this case, J. Greg extended Derek Harkins ‘Maintenance Mode without OpsMgr Admin Rights” solution to automate maintenance mode during monthly patch management. Click Download for full details and download at the source.

Management Pack Export Utility for SCOM 2007 and SCE 2010

This is a tool we originally released on designed to run on the Essentials 2007 or 2010 server or SCOM RMS to do one thing – export all management packs. Since the MP2XMLDumper.exe written by Clive errors out on the SCE 2010 platform, this is the best way to export MPs for deeper investigation […]

Process Monitoring Sample for 2-State Monitoring Tutorial

This is the sample Process Monitoring script referenced in the “HOW-TO Create a 2-State Script Monitor” tutorial for OpsMgr and Essentials 2007. Use as a learning tool only, not for production environments. How to create a 2-State Script Monitor in OpsMgr 2007 Tutorial is available for download at  

Script: Query Value from SQL Database (for 2-state monitor)

This sample monitoring script illustrates how run a T-SQL query on a database and sets monitor state based on value returned. Good example of how to dynamically create the connection string when database server & database name must be discovered at runtime. In this sample, we actually run a query to retrieve the ‘Pending Actions’ […]

Publishing an OpsMgr Report for viewing in IE

 This is a short step-by-step article explaining how to publish reports for viewing outside the SCOM Operations Console. This is a technique I frequently share in training administrators, and worth a pointer here. Thanks to Sam Allen for taking a moment to publish this info.

Missing Updates Powershell Script for Essentials 2007

 Over the past six months, many within the System Center Essentials community provided feedback on the inability of SCE to show which updates and software are needed by managed systems.  Workarounds exist today for Microsoft Update content, but when it comes to locally-published content, or driver content obtained from a partner catalog the question remains […]

Operations Manager Certificate Web Enrollment Template

Certificate template for use in OpsMgr 2007 and Essentials 2007/2010. This template auto-complete’s some fields, making issuing certificates for Operations Manager and Essentials much easier. To Implement: Change the [Your Company] data for something else in directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\certsrv rename certrqma.asp to certrqma.aspOLD Then add new certrqma.asp Then run “iisreset /noforce” to finish

System Center Content Search Gadget

This gadget makes it easier to find help for Microsoft System Center products because it uses Live Search macros to search specific sites instead of the entire web