Essentials (SCE)

Top Memory Consuming Processes to OpsMgr Event Log

For OpsMgr 2007 and 2012, this script identifies top memory consuming processes (Process\Working Set perf counter with 100MB minimum) and logs the list in an Event 5000 in the Operations Manager Event Log. Designed to be used as a  Diagnostic Task so you can pick up the event and generate an informational alert with list of […]

SCE and WSUS Security Visio Stencils

from, these Visio icons taken from the Microsoft standard sources, with a few custom icons thrown in. With this package of Stencils, you can generate any kind of graphics about WSUS or any other platform  about patching or security. Click the download button at right to download the Visio icon set.

FTP Site File Download Check (for 2-state monitor in OpsMgr 2007/2012)

This sample PowerShell script checks a remote FTP site avaiailability by connecting to the actual site, downloading a  text file and verifying the status code. The zip file download contains a script named with a _test suffix, designed for command line testing. The _prod version is designed for use in a two-state monitor using the […]

Script:Folder Size with Performance Data for OpsMgr 2007

This is an unpdated version of the folder size monitoring script similar to the file size monitoring script offered in Part 2 of the ‘System Center Central Scripting Series. This file monitors for folder existence and folder size and logs folder Intended for use in a 2-state monitor, as explained in How to create a Script-based 2-State […]

XML Parameter block for Linked Performance Report in OpsMgr 2007

This is a sample of the XML parameter block to create a linked performance report using the OpsMgr 2007 R2 Authoring Console. It has been commented to describe the elements within the smart parameter header and their function. It will be referenced in an report authoring tutorial on System Center Central. Rename the file with […]

Top CPU Processes to OpsMgr Event Log

Script finds top processes and logs the list in an Event 5000 in the Operations Manager Event Log. Designed to be used as a   Diagnostic Task so you can pick up the event and generate an    informational alert with list of top CPU processes Written by user request. see original discussion HERE PARAMETERS: NETWORKNAME – […]

Script to match string value (line) in text file

Checks to verify the text string specified is present in a text file. Script requires string match on full line in the file. Was originally wittento read an .ini file, but works with any plain text file.Designed to be used in OpsMgr 2007 or Essentials 2007/2010 in a two-state monitor. For steps to implement a […]

Windows Service Recovery Monitor (for OpsMgr and Essentials)

Checks to see if a Windows service is configured to ‘automatically restart’ in case of service failure (service properties, Recovery tab). Use in a two-state monitor targeting a Windows operating system class. Script accepts one parameter – the name (not display name) of the Windows service. Works with OpsMgr 2007 or Essentials 2007 / 2010. For […]

Windows 2008 Server Core Command Line Reference

This document contains a conveniently formatted source of command line syntax for Windows Server 2008 Core, and includes both RTM and R2 commands. It started out as a convenient source for my own reference, but after sharing with a few colleagues, they suggested I share.In any event, it makes for a handy offline reference if […]