Data Protection Manager Downloads

Data Protection Manager 2010 Overview Poster

The Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 Overview poster was made to give an overview and quick reference to DPM’s components, architecture, and DPM protection scenarios. It consists of system requirements, licensing, architecture, supported workloads, storage types, design questions, DPM diagrams, disaster recovery scenarios and DPM within the System Center family. Authors of this poster include: […]

DPM 2010 datasheet – How to protect Windows Clients with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 delivers unified data protection for Windows servers and clients as a best-of-breed backup & recovery solution from Microsoft, for Windows environments. DPM 2010 provides the best protection and most supportable restore scenarios from disk, tape and cloud — in a scalable, manageable and cost-effective way. See more here: ¬† […]

DPM 2007 Daily Maintenance Script

By Jeff Graves (OrcsWeb), This powershell script will query the DPM 2007 database for alerts and addresses the four most common. Replica disk and Recovery Point Volume threshold exceeded, Replica is inconsistent, and Recovery Point creation failed. The script takes 4 optional parameters:   replicaIncreaseRatio - Percentage of existing replica disk size to increase (ie. 1.1 increases by […]

DPM Tool:Cristalink Firestreamer Virtual Tape Library

Firestreamer is a software utility that enables the existing tape backup software to access a wide range of non-tape storage media, making possible long-term and off-site retention of data without the need for tape drives. Click the Download button at right to visit the download page on the Cristalink site.