Config Manager

SCE and WSUS Security Visio Stencils

from, these Visio icons taken from the Microsoft standard sources, with a few custom icons thrown in. With this package of Stencils, you can generate any kind of graphics about WSUS or any other platform  about patching or security. Click the download button at right to download the Visio icon set.

Download Multiple FTP Files via Powershell

An extension of existing scripts, This PowerShell script leverages standard .NET methods to support download of multiple files from a remote FTP server. This version takes it’s input from a text file. This is a functional sample that could be modified or extended to support batch processing or for use in OpsMgr synthetic monitoring of […]

Windows 2008 Server Core Command Line Reference

This document contains a conveniently formatted source of command line syntax for Windows Server 2008 Core, and includes both RTM and R2 commands. It started out as a convenient source for my own reference, but after sharing with a few colleagues, they suggested I share.In any event, it makes for a handy offline reference if […]

Add to Collection

Connect to the SCCM server selecr your collection, and paste te list of machine names to the application. Failures and succesfull attempt are logged. Cheers

Compliance Summary Report MOF (Better Version!)

This Compliance Summary Report MOF was created using summarized tables that exist in ConfigMgr. This provides a superior experience with respect to execution times. Rename the extension to .MOF and import into ConfigMgr. Follow the instructions for linking the reports at my blog:

Compliance Summary Report MOF

This report mof contains two reports which generate the compliance summary data which utilizes authorization lists to limit the return. Rename the file to compliance-summary.mof. Rad the full story on Marcus Oh’s blog at the URL below.