Deploying Azure ARM Template Using Azure PowerShell

In the previous blog you learned How to build your first ARM Template . Now that you have a fully functional ARM template we want to deploy this template to Azure.

There are various options to deploy a template to Azure. We already saw in the last blog How to deploy template using Azure Portal. Now we will look at Azure PowerShell as more programmatic and automated way to deploy the template.


Things you should know before deployment

  1. Azure PowerShell – This should be installed on the machine from where the Steps will be followed. If you don’t have this then use this link to get it: Get Azure PowerShell
  2. Azure Subscription – where you want to deploy your template
  3. Resource Group – This is the resource group in Azure where you will be deploying your template. You can create a new resource group (for the resources that will be deployed by the template) or use an existing one.
  4. Parameters – Value of the input parameters to the template should be known to you for the deployment. Follow all your naming conventions when defining the parameters for deployments of resources in Azure.
  5. Internet Connectivity – This should be present on the machine from where the Steps will be followed for connectivity to Azure

Read about the detailed steps, code snippets, and Key Gotchas in the complete post here.

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