Dell Server MP 4.0 Deep Dive: Part 3 – Dell Server Storage Discovery

In our previous installments (Deep Dive into the Dell Server Management Pack Suite: Part 1 – Discovery Logging and Dell MP Deep Dive: Part 2 – More Undocumented Discovery Logging), we looked into the undocumented debug logging in the root and second tier discoveries of the Dell 4.0 Server Management Pack Suite. Here is a recap of the logging we found in the base discoveries of the Dell Scalable MP, all of which were triggered by setting the overridable LogLevel parameter to a nonzero value.

Discovery Target Debug Log Dell MP
Dell Windows Server
(this is the root discovery)
Windows Computer %TEMP%\Discovery_DellServer.log Scalable
Dell OM Services Dell Windows Server c:\temp\Dell-Connections-MP-Errors.log Scalable
Dell Hardware Components Dell Windows Server c:\temp\DellServerMP.log Scalable

Table 1. Debug Logging Details for discoveries in the Dell Scalable MP (in Dell 4.0 Server MP Suite)

In this post, we’ll have a quick look at the logging found in an additional discovery not mentioned in the MP guide – that of server storage.

Instrumentation for Storage Discovery

In the discoveries for the Dell Windows Server, OM Services and Hardware Components discoveries, WMI takes center stage as the data source for information about the Dell server configuration. In the object discovery for Dell server storage, a new source is leveraged….the OMREPORT command line utility, which is a rich source of information about Dell server hardware (a similar OMCONFIG is also present for configuration as shown HERE) . OMREPORT is called for several items in the storage discovery script, with the –fmt xml (format output as xml) and –outc (create output)…All within a very large VBScript (2100+ lines of code) named DellStorageDiscovery.vbs. This script is found in the Dell.WindowsServer.Detailed.StorageDiscoveryModule, which will appear in the Type Library > Modules > Datasources area of the MP Authoring Console.

Debug Logging for  Storage Discovery

Here is the info on where the storage discovery script logs it’s information. Remember to override the Dell.WindowsServer.Detailed.Storage.Discovery from the Dell Server (Detailed) MP.

Discovery Target Debug Log Dell MP
Dell Server Storage Discovery

Storage Controller %TEMP%\Discovery_DellServerStorage.log Detailed

Table 2. Debug Logging Details for discoveries in the Dell Detailed MP (in Dell 4.0 Server MP Suite)

Like the others, this script will log at least one line every time indicating that it ran.

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