Creating a sealed management pack with #SCSM outriggers using PowerShell

One of our popular free tool is SCUtils DWMPcreator that lets you generate sealed management packs for the Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse within seconds. It can be used for classes and relationships and supports adding custom outriggers. However, you cannot create a management pack just for outriggers using DWMPcreator.

Usually, an outrigger management pack could be easily created manually but if you do it infrequently, it might be a time-consuming task. Yesterday I decided to build a simple PowerShell script that would automate this process. Surprisingly, the script happened to be quite long and not as short as expected.


The resulted script supports the following parameters:

  1. classname – required;
  2. computername – optional (for remote connection to the SCSM management server);
  3. keyfilename – optional (specify a key file’s name if you want to use your own key for sealing the output management pack. Copy your key file in the script folder). For lazy people, I’ve attached the default ‘contoso.snk’ key file used with DWMPcreator;
  4. companyname – optional (specify your company name, the default one is ‘company’).

If you run the script on the Service Manager management server, you have to define only your class name (not Id (Guid) or Display Name). For example, the class name of the default Incident class is System.WorkItem.Incident.

Read the rest and download the script here.

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