Create SCOM 2012 Subscribers with PowerShell Redux!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier to create a truck load of subscribers, I happened to bump into this nice blog article from the Scripting Guys about how can I read a csv file?

Seeing the one liner made me think of the last blog article I wrote on creating subscribers in OpsMgr 2012, so naturally I stayed up extra late to put the two together.

The data source will be a csv file with the following Header and information:


Joe Blow,, sms:7708675309, sip:joeblow

Nancy Cowlick,, sms:4048675309, sip:NancyCowlick

Nick Danger,, sms:6788675309, sip:NickDanger

Wow-Wow Wzby,, sms:7048675309, sip:Wow-WowWzby

BLA BLA,, sms:8038675309, sip:Blabla

The script is very similar to the hey scripting guys article above.

#Begin of Script

$path = “C\TEMP\email.csv”

Import-csv -path $path |

foreach-object `


  Add-SCOMNotificationSubscriber -Name $_.Name -DeviceList $_.Email, $_.sms, $_.sip


#End of script

I hope this saves someone some time in the near future!

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