Creating Azure AD Application using Powershell

Azure AD Application

Azure AD have something called Application registrations. These are often used to integrate with external services and can provide functionality like Single Sign On to your companies Twitter account. There’s a large selection of applications you can chose from in the Azure Portal, but this post will cover how to create your own application registration using Powershell.

In this scenario we are creating an app that can access Azure Activity Logs, used by our on premise Splunk environment. Since I am doing this across 300 tenants the manual approach isn’t feasible.

High level overview

  • Create the app using Powershell
  • Assign the required API access to the new app
  • Create access key
  • Create new Azure AD Service Principal for our app (SPN)
  • Assign ‘Reader’ role to subscription


Create the app using Powershell

This is the easiest part. Azure Powershell have a pretty simple Cmdlet that let’s you create a new application, New-AzureADApplication. The required steps is to Import AzureRM modules and AzureAD modules. After that, connect to Azure AD using

Connect-AzureAD -Credential -TenantId ""

Now you can run New-AzureAdApplication to create a new app, this example shows the required fields.

New-AzureADApplication -DisplayName "Adatum App Demo" -IdentifierUris "https://localhost/AdatumAppDemo" -HomePage "https://localhost/Adatum"

and in return
ObjectId      AppId                   
--------      -----                    -----------
2cd0a284-7b9e-4 34ecfd2a-8f78-38c4a8b0 Adatum App Demo

In the Azure portal we can see our new app registration, but it does not have a service principal, and no API access. If you would have gone through the steps creating the app in the portal it self SPN and a “read basic profile” API permission would be added to your app by default.


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