Filling gaps in Service Manager – changing incidents to service requests and vice-versa

Many of us who deploy and/or use Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager meet the situation when  you make an incident instead of a service request or the opposite. The typical case is an incident made by Exchange Connector or created by an end user on a self-service portal using Generic Request. Sometimes even an experience analyst can select the wrong work item’s type relying on the information from a user who does not care too much about the precise description of the details.

I was asked by our customers a numerous times why Service Manager didn’t allow to change incidents to service requests and vice-versa and what to do if the error was made. I answered that in Service Manager they couldn’t change the type and if it was required, they had to create an instance of the work item of the correct type and copied the information between the forms manually. The second question was how to handle all those wrongly created work items because they came to Data Warehouse and spoiled the statistics in reports.

The answering to above-mentioned questions was especially difficult when a customer had a previous experience with a Service Desk application that allowed changing the type without any problem.

Using PowerShell the goal could be achieved but it requires a deep knowledge of Service Manager’s class architecture, some experience in PowerShell, enough time and caution. So it is definitely not for everyone.

So finally, we decided that this shortcoming should be fixed. After spending a bulk amount of time for the concept and design, we realized the solution as a console task that allowed changing the type in the form of a new incident or service request “in memory”, i.e. without saving anything in the management database or somewhere else. For existing incidents and service requests that already presented in databases we made the console task copy values and depending on the settings delete the source work items or keep them for history.

The tool helps to copy field’s values, related items, attachments, knowledge articles, etc. The console task has the settings that allow to adjust its behavior for your needs and requirements. It also supports custom fields if the default incident and service request’s classes are extended.

We invite you to watch SCUtils ConvertTask’s introduction and a review made by Lee Berg, a Service Manager’s enthusiast and consultant, well known for his series of YouTube videos. We also encourage you to evaluate personally the product and express here you opinion. Please visit the product’s page to download the solution.

Looking forward for thoughts and comments!

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