Configuring Office 365 (O365) Management Pack in SCOM

For starters, I am assuming you have a valid Office 365 account, a SCOM environment (with Internet access), and the Office 365 Management Pack.

Once you have imported the MP, next within the Administrations tab, you will need to add your O365 subscription. I used the “All Management Servers Resource Pool” for my Server Pool.



Once successful, you should have your Office 365 Subscription within the Office 365 Overview:


If you go back to the Monitoring tab, you should now see the Office 365 folder along with some native views.


I went a step further and added the, “Message Center” webpage, same view you would see within an browser.

I copied the two views from the MP into My Workspace, and added a new Web Page view, with the URL here,

When you launch the view the first time, you will be required to sign-in. I also check marked “stay logged in” to avoid this down the road.




And that is it! Pretty easy!

8 thoughts on “Configuring Office 365 (O365) Management Pack in SCOM

  1. Profile photo of Wilson W.Wilson W.

    To be honest, I have found very little value in the Office365 management pack as all it does it forward messages from the Office365 message center. It does not provide any intelligence beyond what is already available in the portal.

    On top of that, the alerts that the O365 message center provides are fairly useless as well as they are not tenant-specific. Microsoft will create alerts that go along the lines of “Oh there may be a problem with Exchange but it may not actually affect you guys”.

    IMHO Microsoft needs to do a much better job at providing tenant-specific actionable intelligence for their O365 service.

  2. Profile photo of Ravi Yadav [MVP]Ravi Yadav [MVP] Post author

    Hi Wilson,

    I think you are right, the O365 MP at its current state is very limited. However, one good thing I can say is, having the MP allows for monitoring/support teams to have all dashboards/environment views within one area (ie. Centralized Monitoring), rather than having to jump to different sites, applications, etc.


    I am sure Microsoft will adding more functionality to the MP as O365 and Azure continues to take off.



  3. Profile photo of Chris CundyChris Cundy


    I had previously added the MP and removed it however I’ve now re-added it back in however when I go to configure the subscription, I receive the following message;


    Could not create Subscription object
    A discovery data item was rejected because the item has already been inserted by another user or process.


    Any idea on how to get round this?


  4. Profile photo of Ravi Yadav [MVP]Ravi Yadav [MVP] Post author

    Hi Chris,

    Did you have any subscribers setup that were making use of the MP? Make sure you have removed (or update) any pre-exisiting subscriptions as those GUIDs will now have changed.

    Hope that helps. Let me know.




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