Community Management Pack Catalog Cheat Sheet

Management Pack Description

Advanced Cisco Monitoring MP

  by Kris Bash, this MP provides advanced Cisco device monitoring functionality in a free management pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2. The pack includes an extensive set of rules , monitors and views.

Adobe FMS MP

by Raphael Burri, The Adobe Flash Media Server management pack monitors the health of Adobe?s FMS 2 and 3, installed on Windows Computers. It provides discovery, availability, performance collection rules, performance reports and FMS related tasks.

AD Integration Demo

by Raphael Burri, The AD Integration Demo management pack overcomes LDAP query constraints and automates implementation of a workaround for per-OU targeting of agent assignment in AD Integration.

AD Integration RunAs Alert Supression

by Raphael Burri, The AD Integration RunAs Alert Suppression MP implements a workaround to eliminate misleading RunAs alerts when implementing AD Integration for Operations Manager 2007.

Agent Availability (Grays not in MM)

by Aengus Moran, Monitor for Gray Agents that are not in maintenance mode. Alert identifies agents and agent count.The alert identifies the specific agents.Readme is included with the zip download. All comments welcome, please post below.

Alert Forwarding MP

from Ron Williams, this sample MP provides a right-click ability to forward an alert to someone via email.

Backup Unsealed Management Packs 
(OpsMgr 2007 Edition)

by Neale Brown, Derek Harkin and Pete Zerger, this MP performs nightly backup of unsealed MPs to a folder on the Management Serverusing an embedded Powershell script, as well as a version?archive of X days previous backups as defined by the user. User configurable settings are?exposed as overridable parameters in the?timed?event rule executing the script.?This is an great update to version 1.0 by Derek Harkin. How-to and screenshots for this MP are available HERE.

Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch Management Pack from JAXMP

This MP provides Cisco Catalyst switch monitoring and management directly from System Center Operations Manager is a reality with the Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch Management Pack. Monitor all critical components of any Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series switch including Interfaces, Memory, Processor, Fan and Power Supply. Absolutely no CLI or WMI is used to retrieve performance values from the switch.

Cisco Router Sample MP
(OpsMgr 2007)

by Scott Vintinner, this simple "proof-of-concept" management pack to monitor some of my Cisco routers. The MP is configured to discover a Cisco 2600, 2800, and 2801 router. Currently it will monitor up to 4 interfaces for up/down port status, errors and incoming/outgoing bps. Detailed description HERE.

Cisco Advanced MP

by Kris Bash, this MP provides advanced Cisco device monitoring functionality in a free management pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2. The pack includes an extensive set of rules , monitors and views. Detailed description HERE.

Coffee Management Pack

Coretech Coffee Management Pack is the perfect management pack for the soho environment. Check the level of your coffee pot.
Covestic PowerShell Tools Management Pack Covestic released a sample PowerShell utility management pack with discoveries and useful tasks.

DNS Check MP

from SCF (Neale Brown), This MP uses a 3rd party DLL to check the response of a DNS server. This can be used to check the availability of external DNS servers.
DPM Data Source Monitoring

by David Allen, This script is for use in a Operations Manager monitor and requires the DPM Server Name to be passed to it. For full details on how to use this script from the source, click Download at right.

eXc Dynamic Map

Allows creation of geographic topology map for monitored resources in Operations Manager.
Dynamic Distributed Application Model Sample MP by Raphael Burri, this nicely commented sample management pack demonstrates how to construct complex formulas for dynamically populated Distributed Application Model component groups in OpsMgr 2007. In Raphael's example, the population formula for the component group in the sample DAD model checks to make sure that the objects included in the component group are also a member of a group

Extended Active Directory MP

by Matt Goedtel(MS), this management pack augments the existing Active Directory management pack by monitoring the following specific components and subsystems that Active Directory relies on, which are not captured in the current version, including issues with site boundaries, time synchronization and FRS-related issues.

File System Management Pack

(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

by Jaime Correia, this was the winner of the System Center Solutions Contest from the System Center User Group. Created in parts 1 and 2 of our Scripting Series, this sample MP contains a variety of file system monitoring rules, including monitoring for the presence or absence of a file, file age, file size, and file count. Additional rules of folder size and count are also included.

Future Occurrences of an Alert

by Brian McDermott (MS), (OpsMgr SP1 only) this MP uses Powershell to allow creating a new Notification Subscription targeted at future occurrences of a specific alert.

Green Machine Management Pack

Management pack to integrate the green machine utility to reset health states into the Operations Manager console. Details posted on a blog entry posted by Cameron Fuller.

Group Population from CMDB

by Kevin Holman (MS), this management pack using a SQL database as the CMDB source for populating OpsMgr groups, instead of AD.

Group-to-Class Sample

by Anders Bengtsson, this management pack allows security groups in Active Directory to be used to discover classes in Operations Manager2007. For example if you already have your servers divied into security groups in Active Directory, you can use these groups-become-classes for targeting discovery and monitoring.

HP EVA Performance MP v3

by Alain Côté and Alexey Zhuravlev, this Management pack will monitor the performance of an HP EVA, the official HP Storage MP only does alerting. This Management pack is based on the evaperf.exe command and has several collection rules, diagnostic task and one monitor for the latency. The management pack assumes evaperf.exe is in C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor and is configured properly..

Logical Disk Extension Management Pack
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This management pack is an extension management pack the collects detailed logical disk data, has a task that analyzes logical disks and contains views and reports to consume all the information collected.

Maintenance Mode History Report Management pack

This MP includes a report that allows tracking of who is using maintenance mode to disable monitoring and reports the maintenance start, end, comment, user id and reason code.

MCS Maintenance Mode MP

by Andrzej Lipka and friends, allows putting a group of objects into maintenance mode on a scheduled basis (up to 10 groups). Download our user guide HERE.

Missing Updates MP for Essentials 2007 (SCE)

by Bjorn Axell, the Missing Updates MP adds a report in the Reporting space of the SCE Console to provide a list of missing updates for SCE agent-managed computers.

Monitor and Backup Event Logs

by Andrzej Lipka, by default it discovers all event logs on all computers, monitoring is enabled by adding an override and after monitoring is enabled you can do some customization of thresholds (80 and 90% by default AFAIR)

Multi-Host Ping MP 3.0
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

by Raphael Burri, Pete Zerger, Jaime Correia, Neale Brown, this is a complete rewrite of the original Multi-host Ping Management Pack. The new version provides class-based ICMP ping of user-defined names (called Ping Targets). MP includes both ping availability and performance monitoring, with custom alert, performance and state views. Diagram view of ping target displays target health from multiple watcher nodes (called Ping Watchers). New version is delivered sealed to provide clean upgrade path.

NetApp Management Pack for SCOM 2007 R2

by Oscar Landman, NetApp Management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2. The management pack contains the discovery of NetApp components as well as some availability and disk space monitoring all being done by the use of SNMP

Notification Test MP

by Pete Zerger, provides an agent task to allow on-demand testing of end-to-end notification functionality in Operations Manager and Essentials 2007 (requires SP1 or later).

Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Management Pack(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

The objective of this MP is to ensure the Opalis platform is healthy so automation transpires and availability issues are identified quickly. This solution checks the availability of Opalis 6 by discovering and monitoring the associated NT services.

OpsMgr 2007 Extensions MP

by Pete Zerger, Filling a small gap in OpsMgr 2007, This Custom MP will scan the Operations DB used by Ops Mgr 2007 and alert if there are any pending actions.

OpsMgr Script Failure Troubleshooting MP
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

from Cameron Fuller, this simple MP contains views and rules to help identify and troubleshoot failing scripts in Ops Mgr 2007. Most notably, the "Script or Executable Failed to Run" errors commonly seen with discovery and monitoring scripts.

PKI Certificate Verification MP

from Raphael Burri, The PKI Certificate Verification MP discovers PKI Certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists inside computers' local certificate stores. It helps preventing service interruptions caused by invalid certificates by alerting when: - a certificate’s lifetime is about to expire - a certificate’s lifetime has ended - a certificate has become invalid because of a different reason - a CRL has not been updated in a timely manner

Powershell Task in R2 Console Sample MP

by Stefan Koell (, this is a step-by-step guide on how to create a PowerShell tasks using the authoring console. This will only work for OpsMgr R2 installations!

Process Monitoring

from Cameron Fullerr, this sample MP for OpsMgr 2007 (SP1 only) illustrating process monitoring provides alerting if a process specified is not running within an acceptable range. For example - MyBigCustomerApp.exe not running at least once on this server send me an alert.

PSTasks MP

by Pete Zerger, this MP presents two console tasks targeted at computer selected in monitoring pane. The first uses psexec.exe to create remote interactive command prompt. The second uses psloggedon.exe to retrieve logged on users.

Read SQL Table Sample MP

from Mike Eisenstein, this MP illustrates how to read data from a SQL table when working with an application that logs to SQL instead of a text-based or other traditional log

ReSearch This! MP

from Cameron Fuller, This MP adds Tasks that allow operators to highlight an alert and submit a search to the SystemCenterForum knowledge base for answers, as well as share their own solutions with the community.


Remote Maintenance Mode MP

from Derek Harkin, It allows you to turn on and off maintenance mode for a monitored server by simply running a vbscript on the monitored server itself. It does not require anything extra installed on the server (no powershell, .NET etc). No OpsMgr console required!

SCC Health Check Management Pack Version 2(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

Database Hygiene is covered by Pete Zerger in his 7 part series on database hygiene. Why you should care and how it effects the functionality and performance of your (or your customers) SCOM environment. Most of the times it comes down to running SQL queries directly on the databases to gather this information. After gathering the information you can retrieve the information widely spread on the Internet and start tuning over enthusiastic rules and monitors to keep your environment nice and tidy.

Scheduled Resolution Update Management Pack

Provides scheduled rules to auto-close or to change the resolution state based upon a periodic basis. These rules are designed to run daily, hourly, or weekly and to auto-close all alerts which have not been updated in the last hour, day, or all alerts which match the name specified.

Scheduled Tasks MP

from Raphael Burri, this is another flavor of Scheduled Tasks MP that checks the status of tasks in the Windows Scheduler. This one supports Windows 2008 and 8 languages!

Script Cook Down Sample MP
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This is the sample MP Raphael Burri and Pete Zerger created in their OpsMgr custom workflow "cook down" presentation at the July 2009 meeting of the System Center Virtual User Group. Meeting audio/video at

Security for Removable Media Management Pack

The secRMM Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager allows you to monitor "Removable Media" (external hard drives, USB storage devices, smartphones, CDRom, DVD, etc) write activity on your Windows workstations and servers.

SharePoint 2010 Extension MP

Example MP for extending the SharePoint Monitoring. - Monitoring of different SP Service - Monitoring of Site Collection Sizes - Monitoring of Content DBs - Monitoring of SQL Instances There will be warning events created if size limits are reached. feel free to edit and use.

SMB File Share Performance
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This contains two sample scripts to log response time data of a SMB share by copying a file to a specified share.

(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

from Neale Brown, this is a sample MP containing a script that checks a target server's SMTP port. The script uses the Toolsack DLL to perform the network tasks.

SNMP Custom Extensions Library

from Raphael Burri, this is a sample MP that demonstrates SNMP OID query-based discovery.

SQL Server DB Mirroring Management Pack

Extension to the SQL Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2: Discover and monitor SQL Server Database Mirrors on SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2.


from Robert Gillespie, This Management pack uses a custom counter created with Microsoft.Windows.TimedScript.PerformanceProvider module using System.Performance.ConsecutiveSamplecCondition to do number of samplesbefore alerting monitoring

System Up Time Monitoring
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This MP is designed to help System Administrators with monitoring and reporting on planned and unplanned system reboots. The reports show system up time as x day(s), x hour(s), x minute(s), x second(s). The System Up Time Monitoring Management Pack augments both the Windows Server Operating System Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 and the Windows Client 2000/XP/Vista Operating System Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007.

Top Processes Identifier Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 and Essentials 2010 
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

The Top Processes Identifier Management Pack is designed to address a missing feature in Operations Manager 2007 - correlation between high resource utilization (CPU and memory) and running processes. The Top Processes Identifier Management Pack builds on Windows 2008 OS monitoring by using custom agent tasks to gather the processes running at the moment CPU or memory utilization spikes to a very high level, as measured by the unit monitors in the Windows 2008 Operating System Management Pack.

Trend Micro IMSS Operations Manager
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

by Maarten Damen,it's his first management pack for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

Virtual Machine Discovery MP

from Pete Zerger, This MP extends existing discovery of virtual machines by Operations Manager and Essentials to include VMware guests.

Wake-on-LAN MP
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This simple MP augments Essentials 2010 functionality by adding one-click magic packet delivery using a custom task. The pack includes a custom view and custom task each targeting the 'Network Adapter (Client)' class. Requires the free Depicus wake-on-LAN command line utility (wolcmd.exe) extracted to c:\tools. It also requires that wake-on-LAN functionality is available and enabled in your managed client computers.

Webmon Basic Web Monitoring MP
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

by Kris Bash, this pack seems to cover the basics of web site availability and performance in a simple interface, including an all-important RETRY COUNT. Worth a look if you want web monitoring that is a bit more simply maintained.

 Windows 8 Beta MP

Mar 15, 2012 - This simple community-developed MP is designed to monitor the Windows 8 Beta.

Windows Activation License Check
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

from Cameron Fuller, this Sample MP to alert on windows licenses that are not activated.

Windows Admin Tasks Management Pack
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

The Windows Admin Tasks Management Pack is designed to augment the Windows Base OS Management Pack by adding a number of useful and powerful tasks to the console. To make this easy, the tasks are all targeted to the Microsoft.Windows.Computer (Windows Computer) class, so you can use the Windows Computer view in the Default MP, which is also near the top of View tree in the Monitoring space of the console. With that in mind, the tasks presented should work on about any OS that supports an OpsMgr agent.

Windows 2008 Active Directory Security Audit MP
(works on: OpsMgr 2007, 2012)

This management pack is designed to alert administrators to various changes in Active Directory related to users, groups, group policies (GPOs), OUs and physical topology (sites, site links and subnets). Care has been taken to avoid the use of wildcards on description fields for better performance

Windows Media Services (Server 2003 and 2008)

Discovers and monitors Windows Media Services 9.0 (Server 2003) and 9.5 (Server 2008). This is a native OpsMgr 2007 management pack.

xSNMP Management Packs
(works on: OpsMgr 2007)

by Kris Bash, The latest beta of the xSNMP packs are available for download. The included documentation covers recommendations for deployment and configuration as well as the details of the management packs.