[CodePlex] PowerShell Module and Examples for System Center 2012 Orchestrator Web Service

There is a new PowerShell module on CodePlex with test scripts that provide examples of how to use PowerShell to automate Orchestrator via the web service. The best news here is these modules demonstrate how to retrieve and pass runbook parameters, which is going to jumpstart community development. Have a look at Start-OrchestratorRunbook, which has –Runbook, –Credentials, –Parameters and –RunbookServers parameters


Start-OrchestratorRunbook -Runbook [-Credentials ] [-Parameters ] [-RunbookServers ]

This is the module:

  • OrchestratorServiceModule.psm1

These are the sample scripts:

  • Test-GetCollection.ps1
  • Test-GetInstance.ps1
  • Test-GetInstanceDetails.ps1
  • Test-GetJob.ps1
  • Test-GetRunbook.ps1
  • Test-StartRunbook.ps1
  • Test-StartRunbookAndGetInstanceDetails.ps1
  • Test-StopJob.ps1
  • Test-StopJobsOnServers.ps1
  • OrchWebService.pptx


Download from CodePlex at http://orchestrator.codeplex.com/releases/view/82959

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