cm12 policy files are splited in Assigment and Body

In this Post i will show you the management from the new Policy Files that reach the Client as a destination via Management Point after a polling Interval.

The Client Poll’s for new Policy’s at the Management Point, the Management Point send’s this to the Site Server/Database, the Site Server Creates Policy Files to deliver this to the client.

But Wait, there is nomore one File, now it is splited in Two, a Assigenment and a Body File!!!

The Assignement File; are everytime created from the Database and it is individuel for every Client, that means that the file change on every request his header, why: there is every time a request from a diffrent client name 😉

The Body File; Contains the actual policy settings to be applied to the client. Thats for all Clients the Same content.

The Body File is generation once by the first request and will be saved on the management point cache for every next request.

There are two things to know now:

1. If you would like cleare the cache on the Management Point you have to stop the Management Point Provider, the easyst Way is to do this with the Config Manager Service Manager.

2. If you change fast a deployment (that generates Policy files) maybe you have wait that the management point know this and send the new body file or you can stop and start the Management point provider to clean it that the body file generats newly.


Hope that haelps to understand more the Management point and the Job with the Policy files.

Test it befor us it! No warrenties…

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