Closed Alerts View missing from Ops Console

Recently installed SCOM 2012 SP1 and noticed that the Closed Alerts view is missing from within the Monitoring node underneath the Active Alerts view, anyone seen this before?

4 thoughts on “Closed Alerts View missing from Ops Console

  1. curtmcgirt

    I can’t recall ever seeing a “closed alerts” view…are you sure that’s not something you’ve manually created?

  2. Scombag Post author

    Doh! Yes this was indeed a custom view that I had created in another management group a long time ago, hence the reason I thought it came out of the box. Thank you for the reminder gentlemen! I was able to manually add this view into the console.

  3. Tommy Gunn

    Why was this opened as a blog post instead of a forum request. In the future, please lot questions in the support forums to avoid confusing folks with posts like this in their rss. I am happy to assist you if you are confused in any way. Forums can be found at

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