Changing how OMS gathers performance information from systems in Operations Manager

Recently Microsoft added the ability to gather near real time performance information through OMS (for details look here). Tao dissected how this worked on this blog post here including which management pack is used (Microsoft.IntelligencePack.LogManagement.Collection), the rules which exist in the MP that gather data (shown below from my environment), and the underlying XML which was doing the collection of these counters. Tao’s blog goes on to how to configure your own near-real time performance collection as well so it’s definitely worth checking out. My blog post will focus on how you can integrate a workaround for what systems do and do not perform near real time performance information gathering. This blog post will cover:

  • How settings in OMS translate to rules in Operations Manager
  • A workaround to turn off performance counter collection on specific systems
  • Does this workaround work?


For details on this blog, see the full version available at

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