Business Intelligence + IT Monitoring + IT Service Management = BSI

Managing hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and one of those challenges is the realization that organizations need to modernize their IT operations to improve service delivery in order to keep up with the hybrid world and the digital transformation. With surmountable pressure to deliver business value and get IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, organizations need more resources to keep up with the pace of the business. Unfortunately, most of their budget is lost trying firefighting and keeping the lights on.

To be more efficient they need to mature their IT service delivery process and vice versa; the key points here being that they must align with the business, be more pro-active and start working as a team. However, research shows that the average organization has at least five IT monitoring tools that perform specific yet different tasks, and produce their own silo’ed data.

With organizations often forced to purchase multiple, overlapping tools to fill in feature gaps, it means that they end up having over a dozen tools to monitor, each collecting a piece of the ‘truth’ across their already disparate infrastructure. This results in equally silo’ed IT service delivery, where every silo uses its own tools to monitor and manage the set of components they are responsible for increased business downtime and outage costs, with companies spending 72% of their budget just being reactive to arising problems and “keeping the lights on” instead of focusing on innovation to increase the value of their business.

The fallout is that the organization doesn’t have a holistic view of this dispersed data in a context that the business understands. The services that are consumed by the business are usually made of components across these silos; organizations have a dozen or more sources of important data about these components such as datacenter, application and end-user monitoring systems, as well as IT service management systems. The key challenge becomes how to effectively use IT performance monitoring tools, and decrease the time that teams spend on correlating data from different sources.

major segments and the related sub-segments in the IT Operations Management market

The image above depicts all the major segments and the related sub-segments in the IT Operations Management market.

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