BlueStripe Video #3: Auto-Populate Business Services in the Service Manager CMDB with BlueStripe

This is the third of three short videos from BlueStripe Software about the combined System Center + BlueStripe solution (see video #1 here and video #2 here).

This short video shows the result of BlueStripe teaming with Microsoft to create a joint System Center / FactFinder solution that delivers automatic, dynamic Distributed Application maps to Operations Manager that can auto-populate Business Services to the Service Manager CMDB:

  • Maps the topology of distributed applications automatically
  • Includes Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and mainframe components in the map
  • Auto-populates Business Services in the Service Manager CMDB


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3 thoughts on “BlueStripe Video #3: Auto-Populate Business Services in the Service Manager CMDB with BlueStripe

  1. Tommy Gunn

    I have been following these posts and always wonder:

    How well does it really work? Any case studies or testimonials published?

    Price and live demo to the community would be great!

  2. David Mountain Post author

    Bad Kitty and Tommy Gunn,

    Lots of options for you.  First off, BlueStripe FactFinder uses a per-collector model, so pricing varies with the size of the deployment.

    Back in October we did a joint webcast with Microsoft’s Daniel Savage and State Auto Insurance’s Shawn Pearson.  You can see the entire presentation here.

    For upcoming demos, we’re on the program at System Center Universe – so if you’re attending in person, attending a viewing party, or just watching the Simulcast at your desk, be sure look for Nick Burling’s two presentations.  (The main program session is the high-level overview; the breakout session is the technical deep-dive.)

    We’ll also have a live demo webcast next month – I’ll post the details as soon as I have them.

    Last option – if you would rather just get your hands on the software and try it yourself, go ahead and download the free trial copy of FactFinder Express here.  Once you download, contact us and let us know you’re interested in the System Center integration and we’ll get you set up.

    If none of that works for you, just contact me directly at and we’ll go from there.


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