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Announcing the “100 Days of DevOps with PowerShell” Series

DevOps is a word being thrown around a lot these days. Many job descriptions are now include it, tools are being written around it and perhaps most importantly, IT Pros are being told they need to prepare for it, or risk being left behind. To take a step back in case you are not familiar, […]

Inside Central 41 – Daas in Azure and Rise of the Pheonix219234

Episode 41 of Inside Central is available for listening (details below) In this episode: Service Manager: Rise of the Phoenix Desktop-as-a-Service in Windows Azure Free Azure IaaS Training Download Download online or via your favorite podcasting app at http://systemcenterpodcast.libsyn.com/inside-central-41-daas-in-azure-and-rise-of-the-pheonix Show Notes Notes and online references raised during the show Service Manager: Rise of the Phoenix […]

Inside Central 39 – Azure IaaS219092

Episode 40 is in the can as of an hour ago…here is the link to last week’s edition, now available for download Episode Sumary Dan and Pete finally get a chance to catch up! In this episode, they cover off some of the major news over the past few weeks, they chat about SMA and […]

Excellent opportunities for System Center 2012 suite professionals

Hi Everyone I am currently looking for excellent candidates with design and implementation skills around SCCM and SCOM right across the UK, there are opportunities to work with MVP’s and also earning potential of u[p to £90,000. Please could anyone who is interested in finding out more details please get in touch Daren Spaul Principal […]

WS2012 VDI TIP: Concurrency Settings to Provision Virtual Desktop Pools More Quickly

Off the shelf, Server 2012 will provision desktops serially (one-at-a-time), not parallel. If you are spinning up a pool of 10 desktops, at 5 minutes a desktop, that’s 50 minutes for a single pool. Bump that number by 10 for enterprise scale,and deployment time will be lengthy. Fortunately, you can change the default behavior through […]

WS2012 VDI TIP: How to Publish a Full Desktop Alongside Published RemoteApps

Under Server 2012 RDS a collection (Virtual Desktop or Session), you will find you can publish either Desktops or RemoteApps, but not both.  In fact, the moment you publish your first RemoteApp, the desktop connection disappears. If you would like to bypass this limitation (for Session collections only), you may consider changing the following registry […]