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How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments With today’s IT world is increasingly hybrid, cloud-based computing has opened new opportunities for applications and services that would never have been before. The convergence of several technical and social trends has created an IT environment that presents tremendous business opportunities for companies that can harness them. As a result, […]

Can SCOM Distributed Applications be used to model IT Services?

Can SCOM Distributed Applications be used to model IT Services? Before we can answer that question we first need to know what is meant by the terms ‘SCOM Distributed Application’ and ‘IT Service’. Distributed Applications are an important feature within SCOM, and according to TechNet, they are defined as follows: ‘A Distributed Application in Operations Manager […]

Creating a sealed management pack with #SCSM outriggers using PowerShell

One of our popular free tool is SCUtils DWMPcreator that lets you generate sealed management packs for the Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse within seconds. It can be used for classes and relationships and supports adding custom outriggers. However, you cannot create a management pack just for outriggers using DWMPcreator. Usually, an outrigger management pack […]

SCUtils Knowledge Awareness v1.1 supports a new HTML5 #SCSM self-service portal

I’m happy to notify you that SCUtils Knowledge Awareness now supports a new HTML5 self-service portal for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager. This new feature dramatically helps organizations that have already deployed the HTML5 self-service portal. As many of you already mentioned, a new HTML5 self-service portal now has very limited search engine. […]

Notifying reviewers with attachment links to #SCSM 2012 HTML5 portal

Last year I published a blog post about using SCUtils FileAttachment to send notifications to reviewers with links to the documents attached to the Review Activities in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager. The solution lets reviewers download the attached files from the SCSM self-service portal based on SharePoint platform. A bit while ago, Microsoft […]