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Getting PowerShell v3/4/5 & Orchestrator To Play Nice

Because integration packs can’t do everything and PowerShell can do so much, the learning curve for Orchestrator almost always includes the disappointing realization that its included Run .Net Script activity has some important limitations when executing PowerShell scripts. Mainly, this is due to Orchestrator running PowerShell scripts in a legacy 32-bit, version 2.0 environment, rather than a […]

Export OpsMgr 2012 overrides to HTML, CSV and XML

*I made a small change to the script which now accepts parameters rather than editing the script it self. It was a quick fix to fulfill another task. you can download the new verison here: Export-Overrides Originally, this script was published by Daniele Muscetta and Pete Zerger. I adopted Dieter Wijckmans version to fit our needs. Basicly we […]

The SCU videos and PowerPoint decks are now online! #SCU2015 #SYSCTR

All of the presentations and PowerPoint decks from SCU 2015 are now online and available at: SCU 2015 Video Playlist SCU 2015 PowerPoint Presentations These videos and the PowerPoint presentations plus the SCU Network recordings (and the SCU 2013 videos and presentations) are available at: http://systemcenteruniverse.com/presentations.htm