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Updated: OMSSearch PowerShell Module

You may ask what an MVP does on a rainy day? Probably a good answer will be: Trying to make your life easier?. AS Microsoft published more information on the Operations Management Suite API I’ve decided to take a look update the OMSSearch PowerShell module. I’ve added –Start, –End and –Top parameters to Execute-OMSSearchQuery so […]

Learn the Fundamentals of IT Automation – Free Course

One of the promises of System Center, Azure and other infrastructure and cloud management platforms is the ability to create more automated operations that involve less manual administration. But there is no “Enable Automation” check box in any of these products, because “automation” is a broad term that too often has a buzz word quality. I’d argue […]

Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Workers: A First Look

Azure Automation is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine that executes PowerShell-based runbooks to orchestrate complex, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks. From its release until now, your options for automation using the tool were limited, because it could only operate against Azure cloud resources. It began life as a tool for automating virtual machine or website provisioning in […]