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MVP Speaker Series

Hi All, This week sees the start of a new MVP Speaker Series covering Windows Server and System Center technologies.  Many of the presentations will be sessions that couldn’t be accommodated at MMS, and others will be brand new, but they will all be available online for everyone to attend through the use of Lync! For […]

VSAE – Include File Content

One of the features I love in the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions is IncludeFileContent.  This feature enables you to include script files into a management pack, without needing to write the script with the relevant XML tags such as <ScriptBody>. In MP development up to now, you would need to write your script in the […]

SCOM Management Packs – Wiki

There has been a very useful TechNet Wiki page posted that lists all the currently available management packs, and the relevant links to download them.  The page also includes all management packs currently in pre-release that are due for release in the near future.  As this is a wiki page, it can be easily updated […]

Attending MMS and interested in Cloud and Datacenter Management? (#MMS, #SYSCTR)

One of the proposed Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions at MMS is “Cloud and Datacenter Management Roundtable”. This BOF session is for System Center SME’s, the Cloud and Datacenter MVP’s and product team to roundtable discuss all items in the Cloud and Datacenter management space (basically everything other than Configuration Manager). If you have a question about […]

VSAE – Management Pack Template Groups

Using the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions to build your management packs, one extremely useful piece of functionality is the ability to create multiple rules/monitors/discoveries/tasks/views etc. using management pack template groups.  The reason this functionality is so good is because: 1.  Easy to Create Working with Visual Studio will put a lot of IT Pro’s off […]