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SCOM Advanced Authoring : Powershell Discovery from CSV file – Explained using “TCP Port Monitoring” Scenario

SCOM is exceptional tool which allows IT Administrators to customize the monitoring scenario to any extent. To have a customized monitoring solution, one must understand the authoring capabilities in SCOM, so that the solution can be easily implemented, highly optimized and has less overhead on SCOM Management servers and agents. In this post we will […]

Windows Automatic Services Monitoring using SCOM

Monitoring services in windows computers is available out of box in SCOM through Service Monitoring Template. But in a large enterprise with over 1000s of windows computers and 100s of applications, it is difficult to list out all services that needs to be monitored in each computer and create monitoring using template. Consider monitoring on […]

The Infront Active Directory Management Pack

I’m very excited to announce Infront’s latest software offering: The Active Directory Management Pack.  This is a free SCOM Management pack designed to detect computers in your Active Directory that do NOT have a SCOM agent installed.  This allows you to easily see what servers are not being actively monitored by SCOM, and take the […]

Snap Manager Management Pack V1

Since June I have been building this MP to help my teams track the status of multiple Snap Manager based programs.  This is the initial release of this work.  You will find details on the following three items Snap Manager for Exchange Snap Manager for SQL Snap Manager for SharePoint 8 aka DocAve. There are […]

WhatsUpGold MP v1.0.5

Since the last post of this MP, I have made a few changes based on some input for those who have tested it so far.  I have included runas accounts you can map to the SQL servers for device and monitor discoveries and monitoring.  I have also included a one way from SCOM to WUG […]

Collecting ConfigMgr Logs To Microsoft Operation Management Suite – The NiCE way

Introduction I have been playing with Azure Operational Insights for a while now, and I am really excited about the capabilities and capacities it brings. I haven’t blogged anything about OpInsights until now, largely because all the wonderful articles that my MVP friends have already written. i.e. the OpInsights series from Stanislav Zheyazkov (at the […]

How to add consecutive samples to a Web Application Monitor

One of the most commonly used modules to monitors web application, beside the custom script based ones, is the Web Application Url Probe, defined in the Web Application Library that comes with SCOM. Beside their multiple functionality and flexibility, sometimes, we require to expand these kind of implementation to be more suitable to customers that […]

How to include configurations in monitors alerting context

One of the most common requirements that I received from different customers is to provide more details in the alerts being raised from a monitor. After reviewing different possible approaches I came up with a solution that provide the desired functionality and flexibility that I will present here. The sample code described here contains specific […]

Creating seed discovery with Silect MP Author

This concept is now built in to MPAuthor SP4 Original post: As a System Center Operations Manager Engineer (or what ever your title is) you are probably some what familiar with developing your own management packs, and if not, you most likely will end up in a situation where a colleague or a client want […]

Monitor Me! PLEASE!

Ok… the title is a little misleading…. I’m primarily writing about how to make a custom application “Monitor Ready.”  A lot of discussions are spent on how to monitor this or that. It’s probably a good time to share with developers some simple ways to make a custom application ready to be monitored. If you […]