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Using Power BI and OMS to visualize performance information

In the previous blog post we reviewed how OMS can be integrated with Power BI to visualize security information (including how to activate Power BI integration with OMS). In this blog post we will look at how the same concepts can be applied to performance information by sending performance information from OMS to Power BI. […]

Using Power BI and OMS for security dashboards and reports

PowerBI integration in OMS is currently available as part of the Public Preview. You can find this in your OMS workspace under “Preview Features” as shown below. Set the PowerBI Integration to enabled. Once this is enabled, in a log search you gain the PowerBI option shown below. Click on the PowerBI icon and enable […]

What account names do hackers use in brute force attacks?

My son (who you may remember from our video on Operations Manager, Live Maps & Kinect) and I teamed up again recently to gather information on what accounts hackers are using when attempting to brute force attack systems. To do this we configured a honeypot server with the proper level of auditing, combined with a […]

Gotchas while using OMS for server key performance indicators

I have written several blog posts to assist with providing methods to visualize server health in Microsoft OMS ( These include: What could server health monitoring look like in OMS? Using OMS to visualize server health based on processor utilization Using OMS to visualize server health based on free disk space Using OMS to visualize […]

What could server health monitoring look like in OMS?

I have written several blog posts to show how we could create server health visualization via the “My Dashboard” type functionality (shown in the graphic below). These are available at: Server up/down Free memory Free disk space Processor utilization The focus of this blog post is two-fold: To show the full “My dashboard” approach to […]

An example of how to filter what security data goes to OMS

The Security and Audit solution in OMS provides some incredible information including account authentications, logon failures, event log cleanings, suspicious executables and more. These counters also provide trend information (see the accounts authenticated example below where the value is 19 and the trend is downward 4). This solution allows you to dig into all of […]

New Log Analytics for OMS and Azure VMs

Microsoft just announced they are improving Log Analytic’s for OMS (Operations Management Suite) and for Azure VMs. To read more, check out Microsoft’s blog post, HERE. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft’s OMS, HERE is a past post explaining what OMS is all about.