Essentials (SCE) Posts

So I accidentally put my RMS into maintenance mode… What do I do now?

Just in case you haven’t already heard this – Do NOT put an OpsMgr Management Server or Root Management Server (RMS) into maintenance mode. It’s not supported, it’s ugly, and it may cause major problems in your OpsMgr environment. Microsoft realizes that it would be best to avoid this situation from occurring so it looks […]

OpsMgr 20**: Everything you need to know about dynamic group creation and performance (examples, examples, examples)

Someone asked me yesterday for some tutorials on how to create dynamic groups in Opsmgr 2007 or 2012. There are a number of how-to articles covering a variety of scenarios from the simple to the very complex, as well as some discussion of how to optimize OpsMgr performance in refreshing groups. Links are listed below: […]

Integrating OpsMgr (SCOM) and Nagios?

This is for my friends in Denver regarding our recent discussion about integration between OpsMgr and Nagios: There is a community written connector at System Center Central which looks pretty interesting: It looks like Quest is also in the mix:  And System Center Orchestrator would be another viable option which might be the […]

In OpsMgr how can I tell what rules and monitors are running on various servers in OpsMgr?

This is a long standing question and is one of the top items often asked about Operations Manager. I discussed this topic in “Operations Manager Evolution” at MMS 2011 (shown below). The focus of this blog post is to update as to any options available and current links related to this topic in OpsMgr 2007 […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Service Manager – What to include (and not to include) in customized Service Manager dashboards

To start with what is a good use and isn’t a good use for the Service Manager dashboard displaying OpsMgr data we need to review the other dashboard solutions and where they work well: OpsMgr built-in dashboards: Good for displaying multiple views in OpsMgr including state, alerts and performance among others. Service Level Dashboard 2.0: […]

ReSearch This! KB – The database copy is low on database volume space. The volume is 25% free.

Alert: The database copy is low on database volume space. The volume is 25% free. Issue: In this environment, the default value of 25% is not acceptable. Resolution: An override for this needed to be created as shown below based on the monitor name of “KHI: The database is low on database volume space. The […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Visio integration, customizing linked items and how they represent their health state

Using Visio integration, I can easily link OpsMgr health status to various items in Visio. The example below shows a standard linking with a healthy/green health indicator. In a previous blog article I discussed other ways to display health status including changing the color of a link between two sites based upon the health state […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Creating a network connectivity map and using color to represent state

One of the commonly requested NOC views is a global or USA based map which shows network connectivity between locations for the environment. I have previously written an article on how to accomplish this with Savision Live Maps. For this example we will be using Visio integration and generate a network map which will have […]