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OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Third Party dashboarding solutions: Bay Dynamics IT Analytics for Microsoft System Center

For this blog article I’ll be focusing on Bay Dynamics and their product IT Analytics for Microsoft System Center. Their product takes a different approach to surfacing System Center data by creating cubes. Bay Dynamics gave me an excellent demonstration of their product focusing on Operations Manager. Their product is designed for all of System […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Custom dashboarding with Visual Studio

I saw this and had to write a shout-out to others out there who have built their own customized dashboard solutions which I hadn’t seen yet. Check this one out which was written in Visual Studio over SQL reporting services. Or his earlier version: For information on this check out: Summary: This confirms my […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Third Party dashboarding solutions: Silect ConfigWise

In my dashboard integration series (shout from the hecklers ‘”hey, Cameron’s back on that again – I was wondering if he ever was going to finish those”) I have primarily focused on either free solutions or solutions based upon Microsoft technologies (like SharePoint 2010 with Visio integration). I have also historically discussed Savision and their […]

Q&A Session for Top 5 Reasons to Migrate to SCOM 201289678

Session Number: 664106486 Date: 2011-10-11 Starting time: 13:35 [Cameron] – Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who attended the webinar! Thank you for attending and for providing such a GREAT list of questions! Myself and Rob will do our best to answer them in this blog entry. ________________________________________________________________ ?­beau leboutillier­(­­)­ – 14:21­ […]

Management Pack issues are now history with OpsMgr!

With a huge shift in the System Center world today, I can now guarantee that there no longer be any reason to complain about bugs or request enhancements related to Management Packs in Operations Manager. Why you ask? Based upon this URL: Management Packs are now called Monitoring Packs.   You may now continue […]

New functionality in the Windows Server Core OS MP version 6.0.6957.0

Kevin Holman has already written up on this MP at but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents on this topic. There are two critical items which I see in this MP which I see as large steps forward: CSV Monitoring: I was at a client when a CSV ran out of disk […]