Essentials (SCE) Posts

What does the Root Management Server Emulator (RMSE) actually DO in OpsMgr (#SCOM)?

OpsMgr 2007 introduced the concept of a Root Management Server and Secondary Management Servers. In OpsMgr2007 the RMS comprised 3 services providing the following functionality: · SDK Service o Console access and role based access control o Connectors to other management systems · Health Service o Notifications o Group Calculations o Availability o Dependency Monitor […]

MP Authoring: How can I monitor FTP site availability in OpsMgr 2012?

This question was asked by a  customer recently: How can I monitor FTP site availbility in OpsMgr 2012? Well, the good news is that investments in OpsMgr 2007 monitoring scripts can generally be carried forward to OpsMgr 2012 (see OpsMgr 2012: Will my OpsMgr 2007 monitoring scripts still work in OpsMgr 2012?) A few months […]

MMS 2012 Registration now open

MMS 2012 registration is now open, and we’re back in the Venetian! Register for the big event at Innovation. Expertise. Community. At the 2012 Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) the brightest and most skilled IT Professionals from around the world meet to increase their technical expertise through deep hands-on technical training, sharing of best practices, […]

OpsMgr–(#SCOM) Query to return all recent processor performance counters

The following is another dashboard component for the Service Manager Dashboard customized for OpsMgr (#SCOM). This queries for from the OperationsManagerDW database to gather the most recent counters for Processor Utilization for all servers in the environment. This query has been added to the SQL queries provided on SystemCenterCentral (and remember I am not a […]

OpsMgr (#SCOM) Queries and Dashboards for Alerts, Events and Performance counters per minute

Recently we were attempting to look for spikes of alerts, events or performance counters in our environment to indicate potential floods of information. To track these down, we used queries off the the OperationsManagerDW (to avoid reading from the OperationsManager database). The following dashboard items were integrated into the Service Manager dashboard (discussed previously here). […]