Essentials (SCE) Posts

Getting ready for MMS 2013…

As we ramp up for MMS, I want to test mobile blogging from my tablet and mobile devices(writing this post on my tablet with Blogsy). I’ll be speaking again this year (6th year on stage) and working in various capacities throughout the conference as usual. More importantly, System Center Central will be in Vegas as […]

Job opportunity in Atlanta Georgia (Applications Packagers)

Job Description: The Client Engineering team provides infrastructure and engineering support for the enterprise desktop management policies and practices; centralized software packaging services and alternative computing technologies with VDI, Thin Clients and Citrix. This Senior Application Packager position is responsible for software packaging of applications including preparation tasks for enterprise software deployment. Knowledge of HP Client […]

OpsMgr: Monitoring files and folders without the File System Management Pack

Someone asked me offline how to monitor various aspects of files and folders without going to the depth and complexity of the File System Management Pack. Below are several sample scripts for a two-state monitor to get you started monitor various aspects of files and folders on an ad-hoc basis, as well as the step-by-step […]

Why does my diagram view split into healthy, warning and critical? Controlling the behavior of a diagram view and virtual grouping in OpsMgr 2007 R2 and 2012 [#SCOM]

Since I started working with Operations Manager 2007 and Distributed Applications (DA) I’ve run across situations where when I was creating a diagram view (usually for a DA) if I had more than eight objects at a layer it would group them as healthy, warning and critical. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very intuitive view to […]

MMS 2012 Technology Survey (thoughts on cloud, management and virtualization)

A few weeks ago we posted a survey in response to a suggestion in the community that interest in private cloud was not a topic of interest in the System Center community (which sounded completely crazy to me). With the survey response now maxed out, the results are shown here. In terms of interest by […]

How to prepare for Orchestrator? Learn Opalis in a month of Friday afternoons! (free online resources)

  “Should I learn learn System Center now, or what until System Center 2012 comes out?” I hear this question fairly often from customers. What if I told you that a month from now, you could add a relevant, important skill to your resume in a month of Friday afternoons? System Center Orchestrator 2012 – […]

Why I am no longer an Operations Manager MVP… but I am a System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP!

There was an interesting discussion today (Taming IT with the Microsoft Private Cloud) which shows the deeper level of integration occurring in the System Center space. The following is my “Summary for Geeks” from the meeting above: Packaging and Pricing change: simplified the pricing from 8 SKU’s down to 2 SKU’s [System Center Standard, System […]