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Let’s try modifying that ARM Template

[Cross-Post with] I deployed the default template as it was created by the wizard.  But I didn’t like some of the default names, including: VM Name Network Interface PublicIPAddress Virtual Network Storage Account   I figure there must be  a way for me to configure those names in the Visual Studio Project. Read the […]

OMS Automation Part 1 – Execute Azure Automation Runbooks Against OpsMgr On-Premises

I was recently tasked with integrating OpsMgr and OMS, in addition to configuring the Automation solution and POC a OpsMgr automation task for a customer. During my adventures locating documentation on the various configuration steps to get everything integrated and working properly, I found that there really is not much “how to” documentation available out […]

OMS Automation Part 2 – Create a Custom Azure Automation Runbook to Execute Against OpsMgr On-Premises

In part 1 of the OMS Automation series I reviewed how to configure the Hybrid Runbook Worker to run Azure Automation against on-premises servers, specifically OpsMgr (here).  Additionally, we covered how to import and configure an existing Azure Automation integration module on the Hybrid Worker agent and in Azure Automation, and then demonstrated how to […]

Automating OpsMgr Part 1: Introducing OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module

Background The OpsMgrExtended PowerShell and SMA module is a project that I have been working on since August last year. I am very glad that it is now ready to be released to the community. This module is designed to fill some gaps in the current OpsMgr automation solutions provided natively in System Center 2012 suite. […]

Learn the Fundamentals of IT Automation – Free Course

One of the promises of System Center, Azure and other infrastructure and cloud management platforms is the ability to create more automated operations that involve less manual administration. But there is no “Enable Automation” check box in any of these products, because “automation” is a broad term that too often has a buzz word quality. I’d argue […]

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – New Onboarding User Experience (Part 14)

Previously on Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series: Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – System Update Assessment (Part 1) Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Malware Assessment (Part 2) Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Log Management (Part 3) Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Capacity Planning (Part 4) Microsoft Azure […]