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Job opportunity in Atlanta Georgia (Applications Packagers)

Job Description: The Client Engineering team provides infrastructure and engineering support for the enterprise desktop management policies and practices; centralized software packaging services and alternative computing technologies with VDI, Thin Clients and Citrix. This Senior Application Packager position is responsible for software packaging of applications including preparation tasks for enterprise software deployment. Knowledge of HP Client […]

MMS 2012 Keynote 4/17: Summary for Geeks (#SYSCTR, #MMS2012)

The first keynote of MMS 2012 represented the 10 year anniversary for MMS! Specific points from the keynote include the following items: Announcements: System Center 2012 was officially announced: A USB Key provided for MMS attendees with all of the System Center 2012 software Windows Server 2012 name announced! (Previously referred to as “Windows Server […]

Streamlining Linux VM configuration on Hyper-V with the Set-LinuxVM PowerShell module

I mentioned the other day in this post (Linux Configuration Resource Kit for System Center administrators (Tips, Tricks and Resources)) that I wanted to talk a bit more about the Set-LinuxVM PowerShell module, a community-authored module available on the authors (Yusuf Ozturk) website. It makes the process very easy, but is not 100% foolproof, so […]

OpsMgr 2012 UNIX/Linux Authoring Templates: Shell Command [Operating Quadrant]

Kris Bash posted a great tutorial showcasing the new Shell Command monitoring templates in Operations Manager 2012. The new templates are: Monitors UNIX/Linux Shell Command Three State Monitor UNIX/Linux Shell Command Two State Monitor Rules UNIX/Linux Shell Command (Alert) UNIX/Linux Shell Command (Performance) Tasks Run a UNIX/Linux Shell Command   Great step-by-step tutorial at

How to prepare for Orchestrator? Learn Opalis in a month of Friday afternoons! (free online resources)

  “Should I learn learn System Center now, or what until System Center 2012 comes out?” I hear this question fairly often from customers. What if I told you that a month from now, you could add a relevant, important skill to your resume in a month of Friday afternoons? System Center Orchestrator 2012 – […]

Why I am no longer an Operations Manager MVP… but I am a System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP!

There was an interesting discussion today (Taming IT with the Microsoft Private Cloud) which shows the deeper level of integration occurring in the System Center space. The following is my “Summary for Geeks” from the meeting above: Packaging and Pricing change: simplified the pricing from 8 SKU’s down to 2 SKU’s [System Center Standard, System […]

Do not miss this Web Event: Tuesday Jan 17 2012!

If you want to know more about the future direction of the System Center 2012 product line as well as what Microsoft is doing with the private cloud space don’t miss this web event Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud. Registration link below.