Cross-Platform Posts

Adding a UNIX / Linux Computer class to your Service Manager CMDB (when you do not use SCOM)

Tracking Linux and UNIX computers is an ask I get frequently from customers leveraging Service Manager 2012 R2 (SCSM) for asset tracking. A common trait of these customers is the next question they ask: “How can I add Linux and UNIX computers to my CMDB?” Because SCSM was actually originally derived from the System Center […]

FAQ: What are the Software Prerequisites for ConfigMgr Linux Client?

Here is a documentation omission I discovered (and reported) recently when I encountered difficulties getting the Linux client to function as expected in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1. The Problem I installed the Linux client on a Suse (SLES) 11 server, but found the client was completely non-functional. I assumed I must be missing […]

FAQ: SC 2012 Configuration Manager Linux Client Command Line Syntax

As I have been working with the Linux client in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager quite a bit of late and thought I would share some command line syntax that will help you navigate working with the ConfigMgr Linux client more easily. Return the client version /opt/microsoft/configmgr/bin/ccmexec –v Force a policy refresh* /opt/microsoft/configmgr/bin/ccmexec –rs policy […]

UPDATE: The correct Collection Query for Linux and UNIX Systems in SC 2012 Configuration Manager

I found (and reported) a documentation bug related to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 for which I thought I would share the correction. The Issue At this URL on the MS TechNet site ( which is a page titled “How to Create Queries in Configuration Manager”, you will find the following  query for creating […]

FAQ: Can I Extend the Default Inventory Classes for the System Center 2012 ConfigMgr SP1 Client?

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Linux/UNIX client uses a CIM server (instead of WMI on Windows) called Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) that has been open-sourced by Microsoft through at This is a question that’s come up about a half dozen times in customer conversations and e-mail discussions worth settings that I thought worth […]

SCCM 2012 Cross-Platform: Access Denied Message When Installing the Cross-Platform Client (even as root)

I was installing the Linux client on 64-bit SUSE Enterprise Linux Server recently and using the standard syntax (shown below); install –mp ‘’ –sitecode ICG ccm-SLES11x64. To my surprise, the install script returned the following error message: -bash: ./install: Permission denied The Solution To work around this issue, give the interpreter a bit more information […]

Tech.Days Online UK Starts Tomorrow!

So, Tech.Days UK starts tomorrow and runs through until the end of Friday, and it is all available online.  Take a look at the session schedule here,, and register if you want to attend any of the sessions. And, if you want to hear me present, I am presenting on Friday morning, “Appy Monitoring with […]

MVP Speaker Series

Hi All, This week sees the start of a new MVP Speaker Series covering Windows Server and System Center technologies.  Many of the presentations will be sessions that couldn’t be accommodated at MMS, and others will be brand new, but they will all be available online for everyone to attend through the use of Lync! For […]

Cloud and Datacenter Management Roundtable at MMS 2013! (#MMS2013, #SYSCTR)

I received notice that the “Cloud and Datacenter Management Roundtable” Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session was accepted at MMS! Thank you to everyone who voted this session up! This BOF session is for System Center SME’s, the Cloud and Datacenter MVP’s and product team to roundtable discuss all items in the Cloud and Datacenter management space (basically […]

How to restart a Linux Service (Daemon) with System Center 2012 Orchestrator

System Center 2012 Orchestrator provides strong support for the heterogeneous enterprise, as evidenced by one of the more common questions I have received lately: Can I manage Linux / UNIX systems with Orchestrator? The answer is definitely yes! The Run SSH Command activity in the System category supports automating a wide variety of administrative tasks […]