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ConfigMgr: Desired Configuration Management and Registry Value Data Type Comparison

I was doing some work with Desired Configuration Management in ConfigMgr 2007, specifically with comparing registry values present on ConfigMgr clients to desired settings. I wanted to post some notes I threw together for reference that someone else may find helpful. DCM will allow you to simply check for the presence of a registry key, but […]

SCC Contest Winner for week ending August 31st is Unleashed!

As Rory mentioned a few days ago, we’ll be drawing winners in our SCC Contest every two weeks from mid-August through mid-November for a copy of OpsMgr 2007 or ConfigMgr 2007 Unleashed from SAMS Publishing. Our first winner is William H! All thanks go to members and sponsors who make community happen! (see below) August […]

Blog, let’s Blog away……

The Blogging features here at System Center Central have matured over the past month, feeding into Twitter (in fact this happens twice per post) really helps get your community work known. Why people blog are for many reasons but I guess if you are going to put in all that effort then you want at […]

New Blogs RSS Feed and Blogging tools at System Center Central

We’ve recently added a few new RSS feeds (master list HERE), including a ‘Blogs Only” feed that allows those who wish to see only the blogs to do that. Bloggers include not only myself, but experts like MVP and SCOM Unleashed author Cameron Fuller, OpsMgr MVP David Allen and several others. To subscribe to the […]

Some Configuration Manager SP1 hotfixes have been re-released for Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2

The Configuration Manager Sustained Engineering team has re-released a number of Configuration Manager SP1 hotfixes due to a problem with the hotfix installer’s ability to detect Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2. This will cause Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 hotfixes to fail to install on those operating systems even though they are applicable.a(continue […]

Community Day.be is back!

Community Day is back again, are you ready for our Third Edition of Microsoft Community Day?Eleven Microsoft User Groups combine their efforts to organize this unique networking and knowledge sharing event. A unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s latest developments and technologies like Exchange2010, Silverlight 3, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008, Windows 2008R2, Powershell […]