Azure Posts

New Azure Preview Portal

Hey Guys, This is really exciting, the new preview portal was just launched by Microsoft for Azure. This portal contains much needed performance improvements while browsing through the blades. You can test this portal with your existing subscription. The link is below. Enjoy!!

Azure SQL Best Practices

To followup the last post about SQL server migration to Azure SQL, this post is about the best practices used for the SQL databases on Azure SQL. More on this can be found here.

How to enable Azure Backup to Canada

Earlier in 2016, Microsoft increased the number of  Canadian Data Centers to two: Canada East and Canada Central. With most of my customers being within Canada, naturally they want their Azure Backup data stored within the Canada Data Centers/Regions — makes sense for many (legal) reasons. Only problem is, Azure backup is still very limited to specific […]

Azure MFA Server with Windows VPN

Azure MFA is one of the many great features available in Azure AD. It comes in two flavors, MFA on the cloud and MFA server which can be used to integrate on premise applications such as VPN, RD Gateway, ADFS etc. Today we will look into on how we can integrate the MFA server with […]