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The Blogging features here at System Center Central have matured over the past month, feeding into Twitter (in fact this happens twice per post) really helps get your community work known. Why people blog are for many reasons but I guess if you are going to put in all that effort then you want at many people to know as possible. System Center Central is a great place to to blog all about System Center products and the exposure to some pretty cool resources within the site really help enhance your blog.

I am hoping to also attract bloggers from Europe as well as all other Regions , it really is a lot easier than setting up your own blog then hoping people will find the site, using an URL like will take you straight to your blog, with such an easy URL you can easily use it on sites like LinkedIn, Face Book or  site of your professional choice.

In fact I know that this Blog calling ‘all who blog’ will reach out across the globe with a matter of hours, fulfilling the bloggers requirements for impact and coverage. You, as I am now can use ‘Windows Live Writer’ to create your blog then just Publish it up to the System Center Central site, instructions on how this can be set up are here

By blogging on the System Center Central no one gains financially but you the blogger would benefit with the exposure and the readers by your talent shared amongst the System Center community. This is also known as the ‘Warm fuzzy feeling’ that others are benefiting from your time.

Time is also a major factor unless you put in hours and hours of work and content blog site visitors lose interest, with the blog facilities here at System Center Central there is plenty going on to keep users coming back ensuring that when you do manage to post to your blog it will be well received, read, stored and users will have benefited.

Registering is easy, then your on the way to your new blogging sites first blog! To register click here

Happy blogging!

Simon Skinner     

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