Azure PaaS for IT Pros Articles from “100 Days of DevOps with PowerShell” Series

When I think about IT pros and DevOps, when the first thing that comes to mind is Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in Microsoft Azure. The reason it comes to mind is because I think it’s a great place for IT pros to get comfortable with a continuous deployment scenario platform there likely already working with, all at the same time gaining appreciation for some use cases where persistent virtual machines just are not necessary.

Without getting overly dramatic about the future of white-collar ID versus blue-collar IT, think it bears repeating that IT pros could get comfortable with PowerShell, Azure and DevOps…and soon.

From the 100 Days of DevOps with PowerShell, here are two series-within-the-series focusing on Azure PaaS concepts that can help you get comfortable you are an IT Pro who once to get on the DevOps and/or PowerShell train (two separate cars on the same train).

The first series is the 4-part mini-series on t Azure Websites

And the second is a 3-part mini-series on Cloud Services with Web and Worker Roles. If you’ve worked with Azure virtual machines, and you’ll quickly find yourself comfortable with the differences between Azure VMs (IaaS) and this flavor of Azure PaaS.

Catch up on the entire series at

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