AVIcode Part 5 – Navigation of the SEviewer

Some of the functionality of SEViewer is duplicated in Operations Manager like Notifications both solutions have Databases therefore hold data.

Does this also mean that alerts will go to both databases? Yes. Although the events will be less reporting back to the OpsMgr console but note that only MONITORING configured in the OpsMgr console will end up in the OpsMgr DB but also will be stored in the SEViewer database, if alerts are configured by the SEViewer Console then the alert will report to the SEViewer only. Information collected by the OpsMgr agents will be better placed for the Infrastructure teams whilst more verbose info will be passed into the SEViewer which may suite the dev teams. I will go into this later in this series as it goes a bit of topic. But the point I making here is that we will need to maintain in BOTH consoles the retention of the data.

Another area we need to go into will be the security of the SEViewer, ‘out of the box’ OpsMgr has good security built into Windows domain security to protect the content. AVIcode Intercept Studio does not have ‘out of the box’ security nor does it even require an AD. We have to control this via different mechanisms, if we simply use the tools – Options – ‘Security mode’ where we can add a password thus each time you open the SEViewer it would require a password to gain access. Great if you are using just the SEViewer, not so good for the use in OpsMgr as it will prompt for a password each time you want to access the info. There is a way around this which will be the next post in this series.




Watch out for Part 6….


Simon Skinner MVP

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