Automated Cloud VM Provisioning – Free Webinar

Kelverion are now seeing a significant ramp-up in our Enterprise Customers leveraging Microsoft Azure Automation to solve many of the normal IT Process Automation challenges. From Kelverion’s expertise in automation and integration with Systemcenter and Orchestrator we have used our knowledge to help transform the Azure Automation space.

In this quick 30 minute webinar we will be covering Virtual Machine setup and management, an issue which we have been dealing with more and more over the last few months and one in which we have been able to create significant savings of both time and money for our customers.

We will show you how to utilise our new solution for Automated Cloud VM Provisioning using the Kelverion Cloud Automation Suite so that you can make the most out of your cloud automation.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Creating and managing end user requests
  • The End to End flow – From user request to completed Cloud VM build.
  • Integration with your ServiceDesk or Automation Portal.
  • The pre-built Automation Solution using Azure Automation as the engine.
  • Best practice tips for VM provisioning.

Click here to sign up for our webinar and join us on Thursday, June 28th, at 11am BST
Click here to sign up to our webinar and join us on Thursday June 28th, at 2pm EST

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