Attending MMS and interested in Cloud and Datacenter Management? (#MMS, #SYSCTR)

One of the proposed Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions at MMS is “Cloud and Datacenter Management Roundtable”. This BOF session is for System Center SME’s, the Cloud and Datacenter MVP’s and product team to roundtable discuss all items in the Cloud and Datacenter management space (basically everything other than Configuration Manager). If you have a question about System Center (non-Configuration Manager) this is the BOF session to vote up. To vote for this session (or other BOF sessions) you must be registered to attend MMS and be logged into the site. Voting is for BOF sessions is available at: (screenshot below).


I hope this one gets picked up as last year’s session was a great discussion and this year promises to have more MVP’s and other SME’s in attendance to discuss anything that you want to discuss about Cloud and Datacenter management!

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