Advanced scheduling of your patching maintenance windows

When you aren’t sure how to schedule your patching maintenance window…


If you want to schedule your patching maintenance window for the Saturday after Patch Tuesday, how do you do that?

Easy,  with beekeeper, its a few clicks when creating the schedule.


Using the Recurring (Relative Day), you get the ability to set the base for your schedule.  In this case, its Patch Tuesday, 2nd Tuesday of the month.  To get us to Saturday, we set the offset day to 4.  You see the schedule is calculated as Saturday, July 14, at 1AM.

Other options for Frequency include Recurring(Fixed Day):


You can even set up a schedule to just occur Once at a given date and time to meet your needs.


With beekeeper, you can schedule your patching to start when you want.  No waiting for SCCM to get around to it.

Get a trial copy of beekeeper today!!!

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