Cannot add Library Server in VMM 2012 R2

At a customer site, we were unable to add a new Library Server in VMM 2012 R2. The job was created and would only indicate that the Run-As account was created. No other indication of failure was evident.

Thinking there might be a bug in the GUI, we ran through the Add Library Wizard and instead of adding the Library Server using the wizard, we selected the Show Script and tried to create the Library Server using PowerShell. Here is the error returned:

Add-SCLibraryServer : The specified user account cannot be the same as the VMM service account. (Error ID: 10421)

Specify a different account and then try the operation again. At E:\Virtual Machine Manager Library Files\AddLibraryServer.ps1:2 char:1 + Add-SCLibraryServer -ComputerName

So the error indicated that you cannot use the VMM Service account for library servers. We created a new Run As Account and then were able to create the Library server successfully using the Wizard in VMM.

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