A simple free disk space report in Operations Manager for Windows and Unix/Linux

I was working with a client recently who needed a quick report to provide free disk space information for all of their Unix/Linux systems. I ran across this link and was really impressed with the report that they had put together as it provided information for the Unix/Linux drives and a very readable format: http://www.scomgod.com/?p=42. I was however really positively surprised to find that this same report also works for windows computers (see the graphic below for an example).

As a note, I did have to point the report to the existing data warehouse as shown below for the data source in reporting services.

The actual report can be downloaded from: http://www.scomgod.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/LogicalDrives.FreeSpace.Report.zip

To the author – great job on creating and sharing this report with the community!

5 thoughts on “A simple free disk space report in Operations Manager for Windows and Unix/Linux

  1. Profile photo of Pete ZergerPete Zerger

    Nice report. Still prefer the free Top N report from Veeam which works for any object type , including UNIX / Linux disks – http://www.systemcentercentral.com/opsmgr-2012-a-test-of-reporting-on-top-n-free-space-in-disks-dbs-anything-with-veeam-scom-veeam/

    I do like how the sample you’ve shown here has GB and % free space.

  2. Profile photo of SreeniSreeni

    Hi Friends,

    am new to this blog.
    we are using Solaris 10 in our organazation.

    and we have space issues going on for our server.

    and we want to develop a daily report on files in the space sorted by size and by last date accessed? How can we do that ?
    basically we want to creating a space management report.

    I can see from the above screen shot some one has developed for Linux server or other OS.

    Is there any way we can use same in our environment for our solaris server.

    I would really appreciate if any one can help me with this

    Thank you all in Advance

  3. Profile photo of mmats123mmats123

    The report works great with the Default SCOM Groups, However, it fails with Custom Groups  saved in Custom Unsealed MP), with the following Error.

    An error has occurred during report processing(rsProcessingAborted) . Query execution failed for dataset ‘DataWareHouseMain'(rsErrorExecutingCommand) .Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value ‘*’ to data type int.

    Did anyone get this to work with Custom Group ?


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