A Note on the Orchestrator 2012 Jumpstart Series

I’ve had quite a lot of positive feedback on the Orchestrator 2012 Jumpstart series and wanted to respond to provide an update here.

Hands-On Labs

As many have noticed, the MS Virtual Labs I was using as a supplemental learning tool for readers have expired. I’ve noted this in all articles and will replace these links as soon as suitable substitutes are online and available.

Day 4 (Web Service and PowerShell) and beyond

Just as I had finished the Day 4 article on the Orchestrator web service, Microsoft made available a series of PowerShell samples that supplanted what I had written just hours before. As I finish up Orchestrator 2012 Unleashed chapters this month, I will endeavor to get that article (as well as parts 5 and 6) updated and published

In the meantime….

Give the first three parts of the series a read and get yourself up to speed on Orchestrator concepts from simple to advanced and drop us a line with questions in the SCC Orchestrator Forum.

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